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Kirkwood Intermediate School

Co-Ed / Y7-8

Kirkwood Intermediate School values the diversity and the cultural learning that comes from hosting international students. The school has an excellent reputation for taking good care of international students and has actively participated in student exchange programmes and hosting overseas student groups for many years. All international students are provided a well-designed and organised ESOL programme and a comprehensive literacy programme based on listening, speaking, reading and writing in English every day.

Kirkwood has a truly international feel, with children from over 20 nationalities attending the school. This provides a wonderful opportunity for children to develop skills vital in an increasingly multi-cultural world. We have a Chinese and Korean staff who provide extra great language support to our Chinese and Korean students. We are an inclusive focused school. We are in a multicultural learning environment. Our staff and students are happy, helpful and friendly. Small class sizes and a relaxed fun environment make Kirkwood an excellent choice for international families. 

We encourage our children to get involved in everything and create a space where they feel welcome and safe to enjoy our activities. Our ESOL course is designed for international students to have 4 lessons a week at a level suited to them. Most students improve quickly. Technology is one of our unique points as we have 9 particularly well resourced technology rooms.  





Technology is a strong area for our school.

Student Numbers

International Students: 10

Total Number Students: 320


Alison Xie
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